Virtual reconstitution of a Prairie

Cendrine Mony(*), Marc Garbey(**), Malek Smaoui(**) and Marie-Lise Benot(*)
(*) UMR CNRS 6553 ECOBIO, University of Rennes1, FRANCE
(**) Department of Computer Science, University of Houston, USA
Journal For our Virtual Prairie Explorers

The goal of this project is to study the fundamental mechanisms involved in the dynamic of a prairie in response to disturbance (recurrent mowing, grazing...). Such model has several applications such as the design of prairies with high agronomical values or the preservation of ecological systems with high biodiversity. New insights are also developed recently on new ecological uses of such systems (see for instance the recent study sponsored by NSF "Mixed Prairie Grasses are better source of biofuel than corn ethanol and soybean biodiesel",

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